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Textured Bead Blog

Take your beading to the next level with bead artist Linda Landy posts regularly about the techniques you need to create bead-embroidered works that are sculptural, three-dimensional, and very textured. Keep up with trends and new products in bead embroidery and bead weaving. 


Bead "Auditions"

Linda Landy

Here is the next in a series of tips that were left out of Textured Bead Embroidery in the interest of space. I hope you enjoy them.

Seed beads are tricky little devils. Their color can change dramatically based on the light source, surrounding beads, thread, background, bead finish and other factors.

Although seed beads are irresistible hanging on pegs in fabulous hanks, I find row after row of bead tubes sorted by color mesmerizing. But, I have learned the hard way that what you see is not what you get. They look very different when removed from the comfort of their fellow beads and forced to stand on their own.

My mother always “auditions” her beads. No matter where she is (stores, my kitchen table, in a car…) she takes out her trusty beading needle and lines a half dozen or so right on the needle to get a more accurate idea of how they will look in a project. It is actually extremely effective if you don’t mind picking up beads wherever they may have scattered.




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